Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Baird's at last!

I took half a day out for a trip to Titchwell and successfully connected with a Norfolk Baird's Sandpiper at last.  Rather lucky really as it and the Dunlin flock it was loosely associating with disappeared after a couple of hours having been spooked by a Hobby, and it was never seen again.  It was good too to have had reasonably good scope views - I was expecting it to be far more distant so it was pretty satisfying to get some adequate sketches of the bird. 

Much later, toward dusk the evening light cast stunning colours onto the water and several Lapwing resting on the freshmarsh, one of which I sketch-painted below.  Often when the light is most amazing, time is running out so you have to work quick.  If only I could work more quickly I could've done more paintings!

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