Thursday, 6 December 2012

Grey Phal!

I just about managed to connect with this Grey Phalarope at Livermere - a superb record and a great find by Pete Wilson!  All the tracks at Livermere have been churned up by vehicles carrying wildfowlers.  The ducks were all very wary.  I was doubtful of seeing the phalarope - there was already a c.10,000 strong roost of mainly Black-headed Gulls.  I'd already scanned the lake three times with my scope, when suddenly I spotted it in the far NE corner at 4.23pm.  It was spinning like crazy and did a couple of short sallying flights over the surface.  I watched it a short while then headed to the NE corner trying to beat the fading light.  The light had faded further by the time I was closer, so I wasn't able to see all the plumage details.  It flew out of my scope view at 4.37pm by which time it was rather dark, and I could not pick it up again.  I wasn't sure how far it had gone, just a few feet, or further.  Unfortunately it was not seen the next norning, so it looks like it's gone.  Ah well, I did well to see it.

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