Monday, 3 October 2011

St Marys, Sun. 25 Sept 2011.

A really exhausting day today, spent traipsing around St Marys, trying to catch up with the Bee-eater again, but failing.  Later, news came through of the discovery of a Lesser Yellowlegs on Porthloo duck pond.  As it turns out, this bird was found by Robin and Ken - they had gone there on the strength of a reported Solitary Sandpiper, but when they arrived the bird they saw was a Lesser Yellowlegs!  It had clearly just arrived, and was obviously completely exhausted. 

Later it flew onto a nearby beach, and then to Porthmellon Beach.  Just before dusk I went to Higgo's Pool again to check on the waterthrush, and sure enough that was there along with the Lesser Yellowlegs and the Solitary Sandpiper too - a hat-trick of American birds in the same binocular view - unbelievable!  The Yellowlegs was looking far more contented now at having found much more pleasant habitat, cleaner water, more food, no disturbance and shelter to roost.  Quite a relief as it was looking at death's door earlier.

Incidentally, I heard that someone pishing in the dump clump earlier this evening attracted the Northern Waterthrush, and then pished again to lure in a Red-eyed Vireo!  Not bad!!

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