Monday, 3 October 2011

Sunday 2nd October 2011: Sandhill Crane!!!

Much more to write on this, but incredibly I saw the Sandhill Crane in Suffolk today, along with 100-150? other people I guess.  I wouldn't have seen it if friend and colleague Neil Calbrade hadn't called me.  I just dropped everything, we went and picked up Dave Leech, then went for the bird.  By some miracle, and despite it having landed in three different Suffolk locations today, we actually managed to connect with this magnificent bird, which is also a mega-rarity!  I really didn't expect to see it, and assumed that it would have flown off long before, or moments before we arrived, to continue its journey into France or Spain.   We are very lucky. Below are the sketches from the time spent.  Somehow although I've caught the colours in the paint sketch, I felt the head shape just wasn't quite right.

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