Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I went to Lackford Lakes last Sunday and enjoyed quite nice views of a 500-strong flock of Lapwing.  A mixture of adults and juveniles, very edgy and nervous for no apparent reason it seemed.  I've seen them nervous like this before - why?  The 100+ Teal and the other wildfowl and few large gulls nearby were quite relaxed by comparison.  The light was excellent, just wish I could have painted faster.  The picture below took about 1hr - 1hr15.  It was straight in with the brush, there are no pencil lines in here.  I was quite on edge a lot of the time, trying to really focus on the birds, and desperately trying to ignore other birders in the hide who are just not giving me enough space.  I need to find somewhere comfortable to work where I am not disturbed.

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