Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fieldfares on the move

I headed out to the Lakes again today to see what was happening - mainly the hope of seeing a Wheatear, or maybe hear a Chiffchaff.  I needn't have got my hopes up, it was abitter cold south easterly again, no migrants and lots of wintering species still.  Best of all was a flock of Fieldfare at the edge of Lake D.  They were dropping down to drink and bathe at the lake edge and then fly up to eye level with me to dry and preen.  As always they were wary birds so I was careful to edge slowly forward without flushing them.  How I cursed not having my 'scope - that would make a real difference to drawing them in this situation.  But I'd travelled on my bike, I was in a rush and didn't want to bring the scope with me.  I did a series of pics, the first above was actually done after the two spreads below.

 Also a few otter sketches for good measure, from the next day...

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