Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Winter returns with a vengeance, 10th March

 It's been so bitter this week, I have scarcely been birding - I did go out on Sunday afternoon (late) for a quick thrash round the Lakes.  Hard to believe it was 14 degrees C last week and now we're back to snow and sub-zero temperatures.  I just took my bins and the A6 Ryman notebook I've just started - didn't bother with a scope, watercolours or a larger pad as I knew I wouldn't want to sit and paint anything, I just needed some fresh air and some exercise.  Surprisingly, I did see a few birds - three Curlews, the Goldeneye was still on the Lakes (Lake D), a Little Egret was roosting on Lake E, and then  a Woodcock flew low over me between the Bob Clarke Lake and lake E.  Finally I heard the shriek of a Barn Owl before glimpsing it through some alder trees in the half-light.

On separate note, it is worth keeping an eye out for this comet, hopefully soon to appear in our skies:

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