Monday, 16 May 2011

14th May: Cley

Up at 02.30 hrs, left house 03.05 and reached Avocet Hide by 04.20.  There were already 7 people in there when I arrived - I was relieved to have a space as I thought there might be a packed audience awaiting the hoped -for performance of a displaying Great Snipe reported from here in previous days.  Alas it was all to no avail - no sight or sound of this wonderful bird: it would have been so incredible had it been there.  Not much compensation but there were plenty of other birds to look at whilst scanning and searching for the Great Snipe.  Some amazing colours in the early morning light which I've tried to capture above.  The Lesser Yellowlegs was sharing a distant pool with at least 2 Wood Sandpipers and later a Greenshank (and what was probably a Temminck's Stint). I expected the Great Snipe to still be around somewhere in the area; indeed it is - it was heard displaying again for 3 minutes after dark this evening!  I have to say I think this situation is going to drag on for weeks...

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