Monday, 9 May 2011

North Norfolk, April 24

I had planned to spend the entire day out painting a flock of Dotterel near Choseley.  I made a reasonable start on this project (see above paintings).  These birds were very distant though and it was frustrating having birders turning up from West Runton having seen a fine male Citrine Wagtail found there this morning.  What should I do?  Stay on and paint, or cave in and go?  I opted for the latter option.  I will have to paint some Dotterel another day...
I arrived at West Runton late in the day, and four minutes after arriving the wagtail flew off west, never to be seen again.  Lucky I was switched on and focussed, and not complacent in assuming the bird would stay put. Fortunately it was just long enough to get some accurate lines down in my sketchbook
Here's the sketches made at the time; the watercolour was added while I was on location too.

Later I added a little more colour to the sketch, finishing what I didn't have time to do in the field...

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