Friday, 16 November 2012

Fri 16th Nov: finally, Dipper in Thetford

Finally after four attempts, I have seen the Black-bellied Dipper on the River Thet by The Bridge pub.  I hadn't planned to spend time drawing it so I didn't bother taking my 'scope with me, it would have been a lot of hassle to cycle with it.  But the views of the Dipper were so good that I was almost regretting not having it with me, nor my watercolour pad.  But I just accepted what I had, which was my A6 notebook and Bic biro.  I ended up spending three hours there!  Quite a few other birders there including what can only be described as a gang of photographers armed with 500 and 600 mm lenses who seemed not to understand the concept of field skills; talking really loudly, running up to the bird, at dire risk of flushing it, and unbelieveably running along a busy road expecting traffic to slow down for them!  They can't be described as birders, well they don't carry bins.  Even a couple of well-known photographers I saw there were appalled at their behaviour.  Just imagine what it's going to be like when  there is a twitchable Hawk Owl.  I might wait until the fuss dies down...
Anyway it was good to get good views, and once people drifted away I had even closer views on my own.  I met several kind birders there who invited me to have a look at the Dipper through their scopes - Swarovski ATS85 HD - and what amazing scopes they are, giving sublime views of the bird.  I've heard they are heavy, but I think one day I'll have to upgrade from my trusty Kowa TSN-603, if I can save the money up.


  1. Richard

    Some of these sketches are utterly fantastic. Keep on sketching and keep on blogging. Also hope someone sends you that scope!


  2. Hiya Geoff,
    Many thanks indeed!! Great to hear from you -
    Yes, I've been on a roll with it lately, I get so inspired sometimes, the more i do the more into it I get!
    I enjoy reading your blog too.
    All the best,