Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mon 19th: Waxwings again

I could probably re-name this blog 'I love Waxwings' or something tacky like that but I don't think it'd get me any extra hits, and I'd be a bit stuck the rest of the year when there aren't any around.  I've gone a bit overboard in filling in these shapes just so I've got a more "finished" image.  It shows the importance of getting those crucial basic lines down in the field.  Once you've got them, then "filling it in" is the easy bit.  I've spent enough time looking at Waxwings, I can now draw them in my sleep.  Yet there is always something new to say about them, a new angle, a slightly different pose.  I'll never run out!  And these are just in black-and-white (Bic biro), there's the whole unspoken world of colour yet to be explored...
I should say again that I hadn't planned to do these sketches and I only had my bins with me - it was too much hassle to have taken my scope on my bike which is what I really needed to do.  But if I'd done that I'd have seen none I expect - it's sod's law that if I'm armed with my scope, that'll be sufficient to deter them from showing.  I'd already been cycling the streets this morning looking for a flock of 27 reported by Lee Gregory from a wooded hill top by Ladies Estate  earlier in the day.  They'd already long gone, it seems they were just pausing en route to pastures new.  Birds never hang around long, you just have to be opportunistic in making the most of those times when you do connect with them.
These four birds will have been the same group that I saw the other day, separate from the 27.

 I did a bit more to one of the Dipper sketches from the other day:
And also to the one of Greenfinches dropping out of the sky from Scilly (from a previous posting):

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  1. wonderful sketches - I've been fascinated by the waxwing invasion and lucky enough to have some good sightings near where I live, I keep meaning to try field sketching - just wish they could stay still - any tips?