Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sat 10th Nov: Waxwings arrive in Thetford!

So, back to birding...
I don't know who found them, but thank you to whoever did for putting the news out on the pagers!  Thanks also to Dawn for letting me know about the four cracking Waxwings on Wyatt Way (part of Fison Way Industrial Estate).  I can never tire of seeing Waxwings.  I cycled up there and there was nobody there, but I saw the birds almost immediately feeding in a lone ancient looking Rowan tree.  They suddenly flew up to perch high on the tips of a beech tree.  I was worried they were going to fly away completely and had to keep one eye on them as I franticly texted the news out to six other people (I'm good at multi-tasking!).  Thankfully they stayed put for a good while and were flycatching making the most of airborne insects in the mild weather.  The weather was dull and grey although the sun was breaking through from the west - would make a nice painting with all the subtle colours.  All four suddenly took flight and disappeared at 15.43 - we kept on them until they were specks on the horizon at 2-3 miles(?) away.  I don't think they're coming back.  At least they are around so hopefully we'll have others around soon.  We'll have to keep an eye out for Cedar Waxwing too! (one at Blacksod, Mayo, Ireland today - one can dream).

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