Saturday, 10 November 2012

Thurs 8 Nov - London trip

I decided I needed to make the trip to see the annual SWLA exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London this year, just to see what people are doing, and perhaps for inspiration, so I made the trip down with my cousin Garth who's also a keen naturalist and artist too.  To be honest there were a few stunning paintings there, but there was also a lot of completely uninspiring dross too!  One wonders how so many apparent 'artists' can get away with producing such nonsense! 

Anyway, the undoubted highlight of the day happened before we visited the exhibition.  As we crossed Trafalgar Square we were distracted by the usual street entertainers and then I noticed a band set up where the act had yet to arrive.  I asked someone who was playing.  The reply was 'oh, Madness'.   We just happened to jam in by sheer chance on no less than Two-Tone Ska legends and all-time heroes, MADNESS!!!
What a complete piece of luck!  We waited for around 15 minutes, and then suddenly they appeared.  Suggs had his mirror shades on, they all wore slick sharp suits and looked like absolute rock stars (which they are), it was excellent!
Unbelievable!  As it happened I had a camera with me so was able to take a few shots.  They were there to record a video for a song called 'Never Knew Your Name' from their new album "Oui oui, si, si, ja, ja, da, da", released on October 29th.  They performed this beautiful track four times. 
Check it out here:

During a break, the ballerina suddenly bursts out laughing along with some of the audience as a toddler makes a bee-line for Suggs' tambourine which is on the ground!

When mum goes to retrieve junior, he's already run round and seized the drumsticks instead!
A moment of fame for him (and embarrassment(?!) for his mum).

Once they were done the boys just moved off and normal life continued; going to the exhibition felt like a let-down after this!

Seems like a good excuse to plug a few other Madness classics while we're on the theme:

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