Friday, 9 November 2012

Oct 15th

Today I made my way down to Porth Hellick to study the American Golden Plover which thankfully was still there.  It was very distant but just about ok through the scope, and given how nice the light was (it was back lit), I decided to just sit down and get on with the painting below, which turned out ok, but I think it's eye is a little too small.  All the photographers were complaining that the light was from the wrong angle!  It was nice to catch up with Andy Walker and his pal Dave again - I met them on Scilly last year.  Andy does a great blog here:
He took a few pics of me working on the painting below.

Whilst I was working on this and with increasing cloud coming in from the west, news came  through of a Hume's Warbler in the Dump Clump.  That would be a new Scilly bird for me so I felt compelled to go and see it and forfeited spending any more time with the AGP.  By the time I made the Dump Clump, the bird hadn't been seen for a couple of hours since the initial sighting, and the crowd that had gathered had largely dispersed.  I waited with the main throng of people for it to show, and around 3pm I heard the call of a Hume's Warbler, but the bird from which the call was apparently emanating looked more like an inornatus Yellow-browed Warbler to me.

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